Holy Trinity depends on the Stewardship of her faithful. Here are some FAQ's related to this subject:

Why is the Church called the “Body of Christ?”

St. Paul coined this phrase in the First Century because he recognized the importance and uniqueness of each Christian. Our own bodies are made up vital organs, limbs, muscles and a whole host of other parts, each with its own special and indispensable function. In the same way, each member of the Body of Christ contributes something distinctive and vital to the health of the Church.

In modern usage the word “member” has been co-opted corrupted and diminished by shopping clubs, country clubs, and political parties. “Member” refers most properly to a body part. We become “members” of a club by paying dues; we serve as “members” of the Church by keeping ourselves healthy and contributing to the overall functioning of the Body of Christ.

How do the members of the Body of Christ keep themselves healthy?

We keep the members of our body healthy when we eat properly, exercise, get enough rest, go for checkups, and don’t pollute ourselves with drugs, tobacco, or excessive alcohol. The members of the Church are kept healthy through prayer, fasting, worship, Communion, Confession, good works, and the avoidance of destructive behavior, such as divisiveness and gossip.

What obligation do her members have to the Church?

Since each of us has a unique and essential part to play in the life-saving work of the Church, we are obliged to discover the unique gifts that God has given to each of us and use them for the health and growth of the Body of Christ. This process is called “Stewardship.”

Why do we talk about “stewardship” and not “tithing?”

 A Steward is a person who has temporary custody of a particular item or piece of property until the owner asks that person to give an accounting for the way that item was used. We are all Stewards. God has given us our Time, Talents, and Treasures so that we might invest them wisely as we work together as agents in His plan for the salvation of the universe. Like all Stewards, we will one day have to give an accounting for the way we used these precious gifts.

Tithing is only one element of our responsibilities as members of the Body of Christ. Tithing (or committing 10% of our income to the work of the Church) is the biblical minimum standard of giving for all Christians, first stated in the Old Testament and explicitly called for in our own Archdiocesan regulations. But Jesus calls us to commit 100% of ourselves to Him. When we fill out our pledge cards, we should budget to follow the biblically mandated minimum of the tithe; but when we plan our day, do we plan to live as Christians only 10% of the time? God forbid!

How do I discover the gifts that God is calling me to use for the good of the Church?

Pray. Talk to the priest whom you see for confession. Talk to your spouse, parents, siblings, friends, and children. Pray some more. Asking to discover our gifts is a prayer that is almost always answered.

Is there any specific information about the 2013 Stewardship Program?

Yes. Please click here for the booklet "The Living Vine."

...What should I do next?

Fill out a Stewardship Card. By completing the card we will be committing ourselves to being healthy members of the Body of Christ and to working together for the overall fitness and growth of the Church.