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Video of Father's FDF 2011 sermon.

Holy Trinity parishioner publishes third volume of his spiritual trilogy.

Family Prayers of the Metropolis 

See the interior of our church and watch our services live at "Streaming Video."

A Companion to the Divine Liturgy

Council Behavioral Covenant

Parish Assembly Behavioral Covenant


Here are some videos, mp3's and articles, and other materials that you might find interesting.

Gianna Jessen in Victoria. It might take a minute or two to buffer, but it's worth the wait. Please click here for video link.

H Euche (The Prayer). Please click for the mp3. Please click here for the text.

Most Holy Birthgiver of God--A Traditional Romanian Hymn to the Mother God translated into English. Please click here for the words and music.

Pascha in Kowlezi, Congo. Please click here for the video link.

Patriarchal Axion Estin. Please click here for the mp3.

Trisagion Kalogerou. Please click here for the mp3.

A Guide to the Music of the Eastern Church. An outstanding resource for persons who already know Western music who want to learn Byzantine music. Please click here for the pdf.

Cuntan Chant Book. A comprehensive collection of Romanian liturgical music. Please click here for the pdf.

Blaj Matins & Vespers. A comprehensive collection of music for matins in vespers in Romanian. Please click here for the pdf.

Divine Liturgy in Italian. Please click here for the link.

Rachel's Card. Please print and share with others. The goal is to have as many persons as possible say this prayer daily at noon. Please click here for the pdf.

An alphabetical list of Saints. Please click here for the pdf.

"A Scent of Spiritual Fragrance"   Side A   Side B

Dormition Lamentations. Greek. English.

Ethiopian Liturgy.

Filipino Liturgy.

Great Paraclesis in Greek & English.

Small Paraclesis in English in Western Notation.

Creed & Lord's Prayer GOA Offical Text.

Pricesne si Cantari.

Liturgy in English & Arabic Phonetics.

Accidents During Liturgy.

Link to the Canons:

Link to the Typikon of the Month:

Orthodox Liturgical Texts and Resources:

Vatra Funeral Book.

Vatra Unison Liturgy.

Sf Liturghie a Sf Ioan Gura de Aur- Complet.

St. Phanourios Service.

Akathist to Holy Trinity.


Carpatho-Rusyn Octoechos.

Carpatho-Rusyn Propers of Daily Divine Liturgy.

Colinde in Romanian & English.

Colinde si Cantari.

Cantari In Cinstea Maicii Domnului.

4 Part Liturgy in Romanian.

Liturghier Strana IP Pasarea 1925 (Byzantine Notation).

Preasfanta Maica si Fecioara. Side A.    Side B.

Liturghier (1980)


Great Music Links

Lots of Useful Liturgical and Musical Information (Go to the tab "Liturgics")


Listen & Learn the Divine Liturgy

Doxology & Troparion Great Litany   1st Antiphon   2nd Antiphon

Glory...Only Begotten Son   Come Let Us Worship   Trisagion Alleluia (Gospel)

Cherubic Hymn   Plirotika   Plirotika 1st Tone   Anaphora   Epilkesis

Megalinarion One is Holy   Ordinary Sunday Communion Hymn   Psalm 134

We Have See  n the True Light   Blessed Be the Name   Preserve Him Who Blesses


Listen & Learn to Chant the Funeral Service

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